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Optimised forging of high quality and profitable end products

  • with the ability to forge demanding and complex shapes
  • by providing enhanced quality of critical parts (i.e. steering mechanisms, drive trains, landing gear, etc.)
  • in scrap reduction and improved micro finish of final parts

Advanced operational productivity and resulting plant profitability

  • longer tool life and more consistent end products as a result of better performance
  • easier clean-up as a result of reduced build-up on the dies and surrounding surfaces
  • increased flexibility to create customized concentrations with unique PHOSPHATHERM® powder products
  • decreased downtime due to the clean separation of the die and the workpiece

Improved safety and operating conditions for the operator

  • cleaner factory floors make a safer working environment for employees
  • lower fire hazard in the plant by using water-based lubricants
  • friendlier working environment by using odourless lubricant products

Advanced overall environmental protection

  • the PHOSPHATHERM®ECO product line was developed using environmentally friendly, biodegradable ingredients
  • water-based lubricants are not in danger of being adversely affected by regulations
  • transport weight is much lower with powder PHOSPHATHERM® products

Customer support and global product stewardship

  • Budenheim has locations around the world to provide local service to our customers
  • Budenheim has diverse and unique lubricant technology and phosphate formulation know-how
  • Budenheim delivers individual solutions that satisfy unique performance requirements

Naturally Budenheim’s PHOSPHATHERM® die lubricants provide consistency in performance and high quality for outstanding end products.

Email: sales@kaposcontrols.com