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Forging press/hammer forging lubrication


PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK and PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants have proven themselves with all general steel and metal grades, workpiece sizes and forming conditions in the following applications:

  • Vertical forging presses
  • Fast moving horizontal presses
  • Hammer forges
  • Ring rolling processes
  • Railroad wheel production

By experience graphite products do have the best physical lubricating properties and are more forgiving in terms of an inadequate process application or insufficient adjusted spray systems. By introducing synthetic lubricants one might not expect to obtain an equal result just by keeping the old process parameters. To attain the best forging results an optimised spray system is a prerequisite when switching to synthetic lubricants.

Forge Pic 1 Forge Pic 2

  • The PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants are providing a clear recognizable white layer on the sprayed die surface, giving a distinct indication of the application quality.
  • The evaporating water of the spray solution provides a cooling effect when sprayed on the hot die.
  • The graphite-free products do not cause clogging or lubricant built up at the nozzles or dies.
  • PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants can be easily diluted and the application concentration can be measured by means of a simple refractometer.
  • PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE products have a better shelf-stability and will not settle out, even compared to the best graphite lubricants.
  • PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants are non-conducting and will not short circuit nearby electrical equipment.
  • The drive to eliminate graphite from forging operations is strong enough for Budenheim to continue to invest in phosthetic lubricant development, allowing customers to benefit from a continuously improving product line.

Budenheim’s phosthetic, water soluble PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants are specifically formulated to replace graphite products in light to medium and also complex applications, providing several distinct advantages:

  • PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants build a highly viscous adhesive film upon contact with the hot die surface. This complex phosphatizing effect is responsible for the unique lubrication of Budenheim phosthetic ’s.
  • The forging process is uninterrupted as the water evaporates instantaneously when sprayed on the hot die.

Budenheim technical representatives will support you in achieving optimal performance for your unique process.

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