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Forging lubricants questions & answers

Do PHOSPHATHERM® products have to be stirred?

Prior to the use of the original PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK concentrate or during the use of prepared dilutions it is advisable to stir the product. This is essential to receive an even distribution of solid lubricant particles. Continuous stirring reduces the potential for process variation.

With fully dissolved PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE and PHOSPHATHERM®ECO products stirring is only necessary during the initial dilution.

Solubility of PHOSPHATHERM® powder

The final mixture is stable, no settling or phasing will occur.

Are PHOSPHATHERM® lubricants temperature stable?

The tooling temperature should not be too hot (>400° C) or too cold (<100° C). When the lubricant is used within the specified operating temperature range, the adhesion and performance is excellent. When used outside of these operating temperatures, the product and/or process parameters need to be adjusted. In case of extreme conditions Budenheim application technician will support you and offer an individualized approach to adjust parameters or to select the suitable lubricant.

How do I control the solids in the final dilution?

The solids concentration of diluted PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE and PHOSPHATHERM®ECO products can be measured with a refractometer. An evaporation scale can be used to measure the concentration of PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK products. Dilution tables for the preparation and final adjustment of the desired PHOSPHATHERM® concentration can be provided.

What happens with the IBC containers?

The disposition of used packaging is managed as part of a worldwide prepaid return system. Empty IBC containers are collected by participating local waste or recycling partners. The appropriate contact data is listed on the packaging or can also be obtained from our technical support team.

What about product shelf life?

The shelf life is listed on all product packaging. The general shelf-life of PHOSPHATHERM® powder products is 3 years and for liquid products 6-12 months under normal storage conditions.

Where can I find information concerning handling, storage and waste water treatment?

Budenheim supports and practices proactive product stewardship for all our PHOSPHATHERM® products and strives to use only environmentally responsible ingredients. Technical bulletins and material safety data sheets accompany each delivery.

Email: sales@kaposcontrols.com