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Forging lubricants powder vs. concentrate

All of our products, PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK, PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE and PHOSPHATHERM®ECO are available as liquid concentrates and key products as well in powder form.

Transportation costs are lower with PHOSPHATHERM® powder products, and depending on the individual product and the logistical circumstances the savings can be significant. In addition, no phase separation or crystallisation will occur during shipping and storage, even in the coldest temperatures.

PHOSPHATHERM® powder products can be easily diluted in water and used with various conventional dilution and spray systems used in the forging industry. On the basis of the specific formulation technology, excellent stability and smooth, constant process parameters can be attained.

Naturally Budenheim develops high performance products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, product safety and environmental protection.

A lot of water is delivered with every IBC or barrel. You can make the same concentration, or even delvelop your own by mixing PHOSPHATHERM® Powder with your water in the plant.

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