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Die forging/hot forging lubrication

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The primary function of lubricants in the forging process is to minimize metal-to-metal contact by means of the specific adhesive character of the lubricant between the forge and the die. The secondary function is to reduce the coefficient of friction upon release of the forged metal part from the die. The major benefits of the use of Budenheim forging lubricants are the extended life of the die and the imparting of a high-quality surface finish that results from the lubricant cooling properties and the reduction of build-up on the die surface.

In the hot forging process (≈1200°C), using naturally derived phosphate containing die lubricants is the key for achieving quality and productivity.On the basis of Budenheim’s specialised know-how in phosphate chemistry, a unique phosthetic formulation technology combines specialty phosphates with an optimized binder system which provides exceptional adhesion of the lubricating film on high temperature dies.

The lubricant formulations used by forgers have changed considerably over the years to keep up with increasing performance demands, as well as to maintain a safe working environment on the factory floor. Budenheim’s expertise and cutting edge technology provides you with the PHOSPHATHERM® product range; innovative speciality lubricants for hot forging.

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Water-based PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK graphite- containing lubricants were developed for various applications and allow the elimination of less-advanced oil-based chemistries. PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK products are especially effective in heavy applications with a slower press movement and where deep, complex engravings are made, for example in rail way wheel production.

There is a trend to replace traditional graphite- based lubricants with synthetic products, and it’s relatively easy to do in simple forging applications, but with PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE even the more complicated applications are manageable. Today, with our phosthetic, water-based PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE product range, both light and medium applications as well as complex and deeper forgings can be made economically without graphite.

Within the PHOSPHATERM®WHITE product portfolio Budenheim provides an unique eco-friendly solution. The PHOSPHATERM®ECO products are readily biodegradable on the basis of the OECD Test No. 302B . Budenheim provides more than 100 application- specific hot forging formulas for optimal efficiency!

Budenheim provides more than 100 application- specific hot forging formulas for optimal efficiency!

PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE products do appear white to transparent or even pink depending on the specific formulation.

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