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Biodegradable Forging Lubricants

Environmental sustainability

As one of the leading manufacturers of lubricants for hot forging we offer products and services that not only provide specific performance benefits, but also enable our customers to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. Budenheim operates according to internationally recognised standards for quality, safety and the environment.

PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK lubricants were developed to allow the replacement of oil-based chemicals that pose smoke and fire hazards. The incomplete combustion of oils also emit volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that add to critical emission limits controlled by governmental regulations. PHOSPHATHERM®BLACK products are based on natural graphite, water-based, odourless, and do not contain substances like ammonia.

PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE lubricants are formulated using environmentally friendly ingredients. By means of the PHOSPHATHERM®ECO line of forging lubricants we offer products that are harmless to the environment and personal health. The PHOSPHATHERM®ECO lubricants have a favourable ecotoxicological profile and are readily biodegradable on the basis of OECD Test No. 302B (Inherent Biodegradability: Zahn-Wellens/ EVPA Test).

The PHOSPHATHERM®WHITE and PHOSPHATHERM®ECO lubricants do not form residues on the dies, the periphery or the equipment during use. They significantly improve the cleanliness of the process as well as the whole work environment, which means a safer factory floor for your employees.

Biological degradation (waste water treatment)

Biological Degradation Graph

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